Friday, July 7, 2017

ARC Review - Sacked: Paxton Book3 by Wendy Avery!


He’s the superstar on the field and in the sack.

She’s not a virgin anymore.

Sparks fly when Katie Shaw gets an exclusive interview with superstar Paxton Moore. But as a college scandal surfaces and Paxton's future is in jeopardy, will Katie save him or ruin his only chance of going pro?

Paxton plays to win, but this time it's more than a game.


Her warm breath tickles my neck. Our eyes lock, and between our bodies, the air seems to charge with an electric current. Heat floods through her, and then me.

She presses her lips against mine in a hard, lustful kiss. I reciprocate with my eyes open. Her fingers tangle my hair, forcing my head closer. I probe her mouth with my tongue and she sucks on it with wild abandon. Thoughts of doubt ambush my mind. But I can't stop. Katie is on fire, and I'm willing to go down in flames.

Wendy Avery - Play hard. Love harder. 


Loved this sexy, sporty, short third book in Sacked: Paxton by Wendy Avery! This ending was a sigh inducing, made-me-quite-happy GOOD! I loved the continued  wicked chemistry and the way the story developed from one book to the next. I enjoyed Paxton and Katie and really loved watching as their love unfolded with plenty of drama and twists to keep me well satisfied. 

Wendy Avery has some excellent characters and a well played story.  Her plot is perfectly set and her hero is one HOTTIE I would Gladly interview myself! Katie is a smart heroine with plenty of sass and the right amount of innocence. I very VERY good read!


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