Sunday, July 30, 2017

ARC Review - Xander by Patricia Rasey! July 30h


Vampire biker Alexander “Xander” Dumitru has a problem on his hands, namely India Jackson. She’s alone, pregnant, and, worst of all, she belongs to a rival MC member whose recent death may or may not be a permanent condition. With rumors that India’s ex may now be turned and out to take her back, suddenly Xander’s vow to protect her becomes a matter of life or death. And it doesn’t help his mission when India’s sweet blood has him craving for far more than he has any right to claim.

When India asks for shelter with the Sons of Sangue, her primary concern is the protection of her unborn child. Yet as attracted as she is to dangerous, irascible Xander, India is unprepared for the tangle of emotions the handsome vampire awakens in her. But with her violent ex returned even deadlier than before, now India’s safety comes with a steep price—one that could pit the Sons in a war against their enemy MC, and force Xander to risk his immortal life to protect hers and that of her child. 


An amazing action packed thrill ride with our favorite vamps of Song of Sangue and a romance that is SIZZLING HOT and full of heart thumping action and romance that just makes you earn for your very own happily ever after with one of these guys! 

Xander is smoking hot, protective, caring, a total bad ass with a sweet side that I found adoring as hell! India is a strong heroine who made a few mistakes and is willing now to do ANYTHING to keep her unborn child safe. Xander and India have a history together and when Xander finally decides its time to claim India, their chemistry is nearly combustible and oh so delicious. In between trying to make their relationship work, danger is closing in and Xander is one hero I would absolutely want on my side. I just crushed majorly on this hunk of a vampire and the plot thickens wonderfully and the storyline is just too good to pass up. I LOOOOVE Patricia Rasey's books and this one, is THE BEST!

Xander gets an AMAZINGLY WRITTEN FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its full of passion, danger, action, and a wild crazy love that is all around dream worthy. 

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