Thursday, July 20, 2017

ARC Review - Tempting Fire (the Sisters Series, Book 1) by Caitlyn O' Leary!


Can Love Overcome Fear? 

For Chloe Avery one event changed everything. Having been beaten and held hostage, she falls deeper and deeper into depression. As she struggles to find meaning in a life that no longer makes sense, she pushes everyone in her life away. 

Dallas firefighter, Zarek Post’s childhood was filled with laughter thanks to Chloe and her sisters. When he finds out that the one girl who’d meant the most has been traumatized and is slowly fading away, he drops everything to rush to her side. 

Desperate to pull Chloe out of her black pit of despair, Zarek refuses to let Chloe give up on herself. But as he helps her find the sunshine again, can she overcome the growing fear of losing the man she loves to his dangerous job?


A most profound book of romance, working through PTSD, a love that can conquer everything and just full blown heartfelt moments! Caitlyn O' Leary did one HECK OF A STUNNING JOB with Tempting Fire. This romance made me cry, happy, had me cheering for our wonderful, caring, and sexy hero, Zarek while I was also rooting for Chloe to work through her problems while Zarek refused to leave her side.

This romance featured another Avery sister. I loved the way Zarek seemed to stick close to Chloe and didn't let her give up on life. He pushed her buttons until she started to "feel" again and oh boy, I cried so hard for how he helped her. And the way Chloe finally accepts help nearly broke my heart but also had me cheering for her internal strength. I just ADORED both Zarek and Chloe and this romance, even though isn't something Miss O' Leary writes about, it was still the BEST book I have ever read! It is amazing, with so much strength and great characters...its just pure written perfection. I LOOOOOVE everything Miss O' Leary writes but this one....this one just touches the heart.

Tempting Fire gets SWEET and SO EMOTIONAL FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its completely breathtaking! 

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