Sunday, May 10, 2020

ARC Review - Cover Model by Loni Ree!


Justin Mackenzie
I made one little drunk mistake ten years ago, and my older brother is still holding it over my head. Okay, it was a big mistake, really big. If I want the jerk to continue keeping my mistake a secret, I have to give up my vacation plans and play detective for his friends. Someone is stealing from their company, and I’m supposed to quietly investigate, but there’s a catch. To keep my investigation under wraps, they’ve come up with a cover for me, and when I meet her, things change drastically. My “Cover” is model Brianne Bisset, and I’m about to make capturing her heart my new mission. There’s no way I’m leaving here without making the stunning Cover Model mine forever.

Brianne Bisset
When my best friend asks me to pretend to be some computer nerd’s girlfriend so he can investigate thefts at her husband’s company, I’m not too sure about their plan. I’m uncomfortable around new people, but this is all for pretend, so I figure why not? I mean, I don’t really have to date him. One look at the hot nerd and I change my mind. Dating him isn’t going to be a hardship at all. Now, I’m hoping I get to keep him.

You might remember Brianne Bisset from Nerd Boy. She’s giving Justin Mackenzie a run for his money in this new book that brings the Love at First Sight, Sweet Beginnings, and Loving a Bennett Boys series together. This book is a standalone story, but there are 
characters from all three series in it.


A flirtatious, sexy, heart melting romance that made the heat rise and my heart happy! Loni Ree's newest romance is everything that I hoped for. Fun, and hot with amazing chemistry between Justin and Brianne that sizzled straight off the pages. The plot was so good and well written and wonderfully steamy and sensual and gets you right in the feels. I couldn't get enough of it.

Cover Model is one of those stories that makes one think of flying sparks and heart racing, breathless moments that puts a smile to your face and makes your heart beat pick up in the best way. I thoroughly loved it from start to finish!


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