Saturday, May 16, 2020

ARC Review - Made Of Steel (Made of Steel #1) by Ivy Smoak!


Summer fell in love with the boy next door when she was six-years-old. The only thing she knew for sure was that she was going to marry him. Just as soon as she could convince him that she didn't have cooties. But tragedy tore her away from him before they ever got a chance at their happily ever after. And the worst part? He forgot all about her.

Ten years after Summer lost everything, she's given a fresh start in the witness protection program. The only rule: don't speak to anyone from her past. A rule that's hard to follow when she finds out that the boy next door is living right down the hall. Unlike him, she never forgot. But she knows that the future she once dreamed of is no longer an option. And if she reveals her identity, she could get them both killed.

Miles fell in love with the girl next door when he was eight-years-old. When she disappeared in the foster care system, it felt like a piece of him was missing. So when she shows up in his life again with a different color hair and a new name? It doesn’t fool him. And this time he'll do whatever it takes to keep her.


Made Of Steel was an ALL CONSUMING, ADDICTIVE AS HELL READ THAT I COULDN'T PUT DOWN! So many unbelievably edge worthy twists, and heart wrenching scenes and sizzling white hot heat that managed to keep me up at night and had me thinking about this book non-stope! 

I can't even begin to tell you how epic I thought this book was. It was breathtaking, shocking, and had  The Arrow (a TV series I was downright infatuated with!) like feel to it that was in book form that was intriguing as  all get out! The story was well developed, thought out and the mysterious V had me very much obsessed. WOOOOOW!


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