Sunday, May 17, 2020

ARC Review - Ignite My Heart (Sparks In Juniper #1) by Loni Ree!


It only takes a spark…

Trace Remington
I’m used to my nice quiet life in Juniper. I usually save Mrs. Jacob’s cat from its own bad luck once or twice a week and, on occasion, deal with a real emergency. When Paige Reilly moves in, the little firecracker wakes up our sleepy small town and sets my blood on fire.

Paige Reilly
I was looking for somewhere quiet to settle down, and Juniper, Colorado looked like the perfect place. Little did I know, the quiet little town would welcome me with a bang. When the hottest guy I’ve ever seen shows up at my door to give me advice on fitting into the town and neighborhood, sparks start flying between the Fire Captain and me.


Oh my heart! Loni Ree, I was never a HUUUUUUGE fan of small town romance till your Ignite My Heart came along! Sexy, sweet, heartfelt, a sprinkling of humor and stunning characters and one heart melting storyline, this book gave me the kind of warm and fuzzy feeling I long for in a romance!

Ignite My Heart, the first book in Loni Ree's brand new series, Sparks In Juniper, is EVERY-DARN-THING. Its sweet like apple pie and hot like a raging inferno. This story is one of a kind. Paige is such an excellent heroine. Sassy, smart, beautiful and independent, she is a heroine worth at least half a dozen stars while Trace is one mouth-watering hero who makes you squirm, sigh, drool and fantasize all sorts of yummy and sexy things, deserves at least a dozen and a half stars. I loved this romance and I am very much excited for book 2 and hope it comes SOON!


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