Wednesday, November 4, 2020

ARC Review - Driven (Deep Ops, #4) by Rebecca Zanetti!

 Driven (Deeps Ops, #4)


Unswerving: Angus Force is determined to hunt down the serial killer he'd once shot dead--or so he thought. But an anonymous source reports that Lassiter is alive. Force hasn't slept since, knowing it's only a matter of time before "the Surgeon" strikes again. And soon, a body is found, bearing Lassiter's same maniacal MO. It's just the beginning of a murderous trail blazing through DC and Virginia, right to Force's backyard...

Unstoppable: Nari Zhang is the shrink for the ragtag Deep Ops Unit, though she isn't Force's shrink--which is a very good thing. Because once they're thrown together on the case, their attraction is explosive and irresistible. They'll just have to fight that much harder to keep the heat between them from flaming out of control. But things are about to become far more challenging, and deadly, than they could have imagined...

Unhinged: Once the killer catches a glimpse of Nari, she becomes his new obsession. She is now the focus point--for both Force and Lassiter--in a dangerous dance for survival...


Finally, Nari and Angus's story and what a heart pumping, thrilling romantic suspense that I can't even put into words that will do this book justice kind of story! This book was AMAZING! Flat out exciting!

 We finally get the conclusion to Lassiter and what a crazy, adrenaline pumping adventure it was too. Angus is more scrumptious and hard headed and incredible than I first imagined while Nari is a kick-ass heroine that knows how to fight and has a sweetness that I found wonderfully charming. These two had the most sigh-worthy chemistry that I have seen yet with these Deep Ops couples. The story had a number of unexpected twists and turns with romance that made my heart happy. And I loved the light humor that was also woven into the plot as well. This is by far the most epic romantic suspense in the series and it was EVERYTHING! 

Driven gets a THRILLING FIVE HEART THUMPING STARS! I am officially #TeamAngus! 

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