Wednesday, May 27, 2020

ARC Review - Love Bewitched (Gargoyle Night Guardians Book 3) by Rosalie Redd!


Be careful of gargoyles who can't commit...

Wynne's had enough of tall, dark, brooding males that aren't interested in her kind of love--the "until death do us part" kind. Attracted to unattainable men, she's in uncharted territory when not just one, but two males show an interest in her. 

One's a gargoyle with muscles of steel and a deep, sensuous voice to match. The other, a dark, seductive fae with a smirk that can melt panties. 

The problem? The men are on opposites sides of a war. 

Caught between the two, who will she choose?

A love triangle romance that will leave you breathless and wanting more.


This utterly mesmerizing, amazing gargoyle series by Rosalie Redd just got a whole lot better and more enchanting with Love Bewitched the third book in the Gargoyle Night Guardians series! 

Wynne's story was waaaaay more than I expected and so incredible and heart stopping good! I fell so in love with Zain, a fae who should of been the enemy but turned out to be someone so completely sexy and sweet and completely honorable. And then, at the end, I get a unexpected twist I didn't see coming that left me completely happy and even more in love with Zain than I originally was. This is definitely my new favorite in this series. Between sexy and irresistible Zain, and feisty and honorable Wynne and noble and caring Damien and all the heart rending moments, this book left me in a major book hangover! Love Bewitched is beguiling, sexy, enchanting and downright beautiful. I can't wait for the next one because these book are just too addicting!


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