Tuesday, January 2, 2018

ARC Review - Montana Wedding Belles by Eileen Green!


Heather Bowers needed something to do since she graduated college and hadn’t been able to find a job yet. Her mother and friends are getting married and have asked Heather to be the wedding planner. Planning a wedding for one person can be daunting. Planning a wedding for eight brides seems impossible.

Matthew Campbell had his heart captured by Heather years ago but hasn’t done anything about it. He decides now is the time to pursue her.

Being abandoned by her father before she was born has Heather leery of relationships. She watched her mother struggle with raising her, and Heather doesn’t want that to happen to her.

Matthew wants to show Heather that all men are not the same. He needs to show her that love and happiness are in the cards for her while helping her with the wedding plans.

With all the love that Heather is witnessing, can Matthew convince her of a happily-ever-after?


OMG A HOT alpha male who is bound and determined to get the one woman he wants and will not stop until he has her... WOW! Who doesn't like a hero like that! I have enjoyed these Men of Montana stories, but after reading this one in the series, I am utterly in LOOOVE with Matthew and want a man JUST like him. And I really liked Heather and her personality. 

Montana Wedding Belles is full of delicious heat, heart sighing romance and a storyline that I found absolutely RIVETING! Eileen Green is one my favorite Siren authors with these Men of Montana books and I just get more and more hooked with each new story. But this one...THIS one was so much more special and sexy, sweet, and oh so irresistible. 


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