Thursday, June 6, 2019

ARC Review - Soldier's Destiny by Lynn St. James!


Delta Force Team member, Jasper "Raptor" Ramsey was in the wrong place at the right time when he pulled an injured woman from the carnage after a terrorist attack in Paris. But before he could find out her name, his unit was activated and he had to leave without knowing her fate. 

After terrorists ripped her world apart, Aurora "Rori" Prince abandoned her life in Paris and returned home to Willow Haven, Florida. As she struggles to put the past behind her, someone else is refusing to let it die. When she and a very pregnant Lily Barrett barely escape injury in the latest attempt against her, she finally realizes she needs help. Turning to Chase from ESP, he assigns one of his best to be her protection. 

When Jasper gets his new assignment, the last person he expects is the woman he'd given up hope of ever finding. Now he has a second chance, but can he keep her safe and earn her love?


I first read this book as it was titled Guarding Aurora and the newer edition is EXTRA AMAZING Y'ALL! This book was re-written and is a bit longer than the previous title and was just slightly different than the original. I in fact, think this book is even BETTER and more ENGROSSING than before. I had a hell of a time putting this book down. The story was intense, thrilling, sweet, protective, emotional and PERFECT. 

Jasper "Raptor" and Aurora "Rori" are brilliant characters. I loved them! Their chemistry is a slow burn romance that has so many feels and so much emotion thrown in that you feel like you are a great deal part of their story. The plot thickens with the right amount of tension with suspense and action that it sure did keep me off balance and my heart just a-thumping! 


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