Saturday, June 22, 2019

ARC Review - Something Old (Immortals 13) by LJ Vickery!


Four hundred years ago Ishkur, god of fire, married a human female who inevitably ascended to the overworld. He’s long since come to grips with his loss, but taking an unwanted trip to Plimoth Plantation, facing a world so similar to the one where he’d been happy, will certainly rub salt in old wounds. When he steps foot in the village, however, it isn’t sadness that grabs him, it’s anxiety after meeting a god-talking, native woman. What the hell? Every one of his immortal-senses claws at his spine and urges him to flee. Too bad running isn’t an option for a god. 
Koni knows danger, and it’s found her where she works. She’s not sure if it comes from her ex-boyfriend, or the powerful stranger who takes her by surprise one night after the plantation has closed. Only one thing is certain. Those two threats―compounded by the spirit walkers she’s discovered in the woods―make it way past time to pack up and get the hell out of town. She just needs to outmaneuver the lunatic who seems determined to claim her. 


THE AMAZING GODS ARE BAAAAACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! This time We are getting Ishkur's story and WOWZA, it is EXHILARATING AND EXPLOSIVELY GOOD! This book was utter chaos and delicious madness...the BEST kind that is. Exciting, unique, sexy and full of danger, suspense, scorching hot chemistry and ALL sorts of awesomeness and twists.

Koni and Ishkur's romance was addicting and almost impossible to put down. I was entranced with this book from the moment I started it to the very end. I loved the many surprises, twists, and feels and Ishkur is one satisfying hero. Sexy, alpha, powerful and Koni is a wonderful mix of beauty, smarts, spunk and a bit of vulnerability that makes her likable. Their story is impossible to dislike. Its full of amazing passion and wild adventure and unexpected twists that keep a reader like me guessing and wanting more. I LOVED THAT! 


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