Tuesday, February 25, 2020

ARC Review - Creole Kingpin (The Magnolia Duet #1) by Meghan March!

Creole Kingpin (Magnolia Duet #1)


New York Times bestselling author Meghan March goes back to New Orleans and the world of Lachlan Mount with a dangerous and bold new anti-hero.

The thing about ghosts is they’re supposed to stay dead.

That’s exactly what I am, but I can’t stay away from Magnolia Marie Maison for one more day, let alone another year.

We’ve already got fifteen of those between us.

As it stands, she’ll want to kill me as soon as she lays eyes on me. And knowing her, she’s completely up to the task.

But I’m a man on a mission, and I’ve got everything riding on this.

So, here I come, Magnolia. This ghost is ready for whatever you got.

After all, there’s only one way I want this to end—’til death do us part.


OH MY MOTHER F*****G GAWD!! In ALL my years of reading romance, I have NEVER ONCE read about an anti-heroine before and I just got say, Magnolia is the BEST darn anti-heroine I EVER could of imagined! She is by far a total bad a** and I LOVED her. I seriously have a girl crush on her. Bold, ballsy, feisty as hell, she is EVERYTHING! And Moses....WOOOOOOOOOW! I didnt' think there could be another anti-hero I would love more than Lachlain Mount but by god, there is. Moses is an extremely charming show stopper, let me tell you!

Moses has charisma and charm and arrogance in spades. His teasing ways with Magnolia made me smile and my heart flutter. I haven't felt THAT kind of flutter since Mount and I am MIND BLOWN about that! 

The first book in The Magnolia Duet is spectacular, completely exhilarating and leaves me feeling speechless. Like for reals! I am having a very hard time putting words together that makes sense on how VERY VERY MUCH I LOVED Creole Kingpin! I haven't felt this kind of excitement and butterflies since The Mount Trilogy. Believe me, you will want to make Creole Kingpin your MUST READ of the freaking year! Its devastatingly, heart melting good with a cliffhanger that will no doubt in my mind leave you breathless and shocked as hell! Creole Kingpin gets a MILLION AND ONE SHOW STOPPING STARS!

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