Tuesday, February 11, 2020

ARC Review - Forever Kisses (Love for the Holidays: Valentine's Day Book 3) by Loni Ree!

Forever Kisses (Love for the Holidays: Valentine's Day Book 3) by [Ree, Loni]


The Kane Triplets try their hand at matchmaking….

Harris Kane
When my nephews ask me to help out a friend who needs a job, I make them promise that this girl won’t turn out like the firm’s last three secretaries—husband-hunting, gold-diggers. Just to be sure, I cover all my bases and create a new office policy, no fraternization, no exceptions.

Well, it’s me who’s caught in the trap of my new rule. One look and I know this woman is the one I’ve been waiting for all these years.

Who knew? A sassy little miss would blast in to my life and turn it upside down. While I crave quiet and order, she brings noise and disarray to my well-organized life and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now, I have to convince her that I want her kisses forever while admitting some rules were made to be broken.


Forever Kisses is such a lovable, fun and romantic story that has some really good heat and characters that will automatically make you grin just thinking of them!

The second this hit my kindle I was on it and I had fun and was fully entertained while reading it. Harris and Ellie have amazing chemistry together. The heat crackles beautifully between them and I really loved the banter too. It was a sexy, funny read and is darn worth reading again and again.  Loni Ree never disappoints!


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