Thursday, February 27, 2020

ARC Review - Leaping Into Love (Taking The Leap #7) by Loni Ree!

Leaping into Love (Taking the Leap #7)


Leap Year Baby…

My horoscope said, “For all those Leap Year Babies out there, it’s your day! Take a leap into something fresh and exciting.”

I don’t think my horoscope fairy meant for me hop into Mr. Walker’s pristine, Egyptian-cotton sheets. I had no idea my roommate's gorgeous employer was in the shower when I let myself in to take his dog for a walk. I surprised him, he was shocked to see me then I lied and insulted him, royally.

I was only supposed to walk his dog for a day to help out my roommate but now Knox is offering me a whole new job. One I may not be able to turn down. After all, this is the new Leap Year me.


Yep, we got ourselves an adorable, fun, quirky, sexy as hell romance that I so very much enjoyed from the very first sentence to the very last!

Leaping Into Love was fantastic! Sloane and Knox had such giggle worthy banter and their chemistry heated up the pages. The story was amusing, cute, fun and hot too. I loved the bit of craziness and quirkiness to the romance. It made me smile and had butterfly wings tickling my insides. So freaking cute!

Leaping Into Love gets a FUN AND SEXY FIVE GOLDEN STARS! 

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