Wednesday, February 19, 2020

ARC Review - When Death Falls (Spells That Bind #11) by Cassandra Lawson!

When Death Falls


Have you ever lost someone whose memory haunts you years after they’re gone? Someone you just can’t replace? I’ve been with others since that ill-fated Christmas, but none can compare.

Seriously, what does the Angel of Death have to do to get a good tattoo?

I’ve asked myself that question countless times since my tattoo artist disappeared right after Christmas twenty-four-years ago. After all this time, I finally have a lead on him. I am finally going to get the tattoo I’ve longed for all these years.

That was my plan when I flew to the San Francisco tattoo shop. Instead, I met a very unusual young witch. The moment I laid eyes on Tabitha, I felt an unusual draw to her and the strangest sense of déjà vu. No, it’s more than déjà vu. I know her, as impossible as it seems.

I may not remember my past with Tabitha, but when angels arrive to kill her, I know I’ll go any lengths to keep her safe. I would even take the ultimate fall for her. 


When Death Falls is the continuation of Azrael's story from his prequel, Death And Christmas and let me tell you, I have been eager to finish his story since reading that. And his continuation was even more amazing and satisfying than I could of hoped for! Fun, sexy, heartfelt with witty humor and a page turning storyline, Azrael and Tabitha kept me on the edge of my seat and watching their interaction and romance made me incredibly happy and giddy. 

I loved the way these two characters so very VERY much. Azrael is one hot, slightly grumpy angel of death that I have the major hots for! He is gorgeous, and has a heart of gold and is quite a hero in my eyes. And Tabitha is a sassy, spirited and fun heroine that I would love to have as a friend if she were real. These two definitely had chemistry in spades and I loved watching the sparks fly! Add in all the surprises and twists and awesome action and this book was a major win. 


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