Saturday, March 21, 2020

ARC Review - Broken (Deep Ops #3) by Rebecca Zanetti!

Broken (Deep Ops #3)


Dangerous:  Former Navy SEAL Clarence Wolfe’s unit was taken out with a land mine. Injured and devastated, he hasn’t been quite right since. Worse, the tragedy was no accident. All Wolfe wants now is to take down the man responsible. In the meantime, he’s good with being the muscle for the Deep Ops team—and leading a steamy no-strings-attached personal life. Until one intriguing woman changes everything . . .
Determined:   Reporter Dana Mulberry is on a mission to avenge the death of a fellow journalist. She’s finally hot on a trail—right to a sex club—where she runs into . . . Wolfe? It seems both their leads have led to the same spot. To keep from blowing their covers, they’ll have to at least pretend to have a little fun. Trouble is, they genuinely like each other. And that’s way too risky for Wolfe, especially when, to his surprise, Dana agrees . . .
Complicated:   Drawn to each other in ways they can’t understand, Wolfe and Dana keep it professional—until they’re shot at one night. And when their adventures land them both at the heart of corruption in D.C.—and at odds in their missions—they’ll have to dig deeper than ever to succeed in their quests—and with each other . . . 


Broken is a firestorm of passion, danger, humor, and sizzling hot romance! It was everything I was hoping for and so much more.

This book had a lot of spectacular action and some good heart to go with the many twists and turns. I was also pleasantly surprised with Wolfe. He was so cool, charming, 100% alpha and had a way about him that made him irresistible. Yes, he was downright sexy and fierce, but he was also smart and caring and protective of those he considered family. Dana was also a very likable character too! She was sharp and smart and sweet and cared deeply for those around her. Wolfe and Dana's chemistry was snap, crackling and popping throughout the book and in between the danger. I very much enjoyed and got a big thrill watching the sparks fly and the goodness, there was enough humor and funny moments to put a genuine smile on my face. This book had it ALL and I honestly just can't get enough of these Deep Ops guys and gals!

Broken gets a DANGEROUS FIVE RED HOT STARS! Rebecca Zanetti keeps  me coming back BEGGING for more. 

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