Saturday, March 28, 2020

ARC Review - Storybook Pub Anthology featuring many talented authors!

Storybook Pub


You never know who you may find when you walk through the doors of a Storybook Pub.

Twenty-one amazing contemporary authors come together to create unexpected love stories that will keep you flipping the pages. Join, Naomi Springthorp "For One Lass", Tonya Clark "Hidden Wings", Jessalyn Jameson "Wished For You", C.J. Corbin "A Morning Kiss", Mary Dean "Trading Lives", Pepper North "The Secret of Her", Lane Martin "Irish Twins", Tarrah Anders "Speakeasy", ZN Willett "Art Life", Denise Wells "Breezy Like Sunday Morning", Tessa McFionn "Wishes and Whiskey", Rayne Elizabeth "Bewitched By the Bartender", DC Renee "A Great Love Story", Faith Ryan "Love is Blind", Mayra Statham "Taking Chances", Teri Kay
"Coming Home", Ember-Raine Winters "Hidden Fate", Mary Rogers "The Show's Not Over", Halo Roberts "Lonely Hearts", Kenzie Rose "Hearts Collide", and Kristine Dugger "Love at First Brew"


Can I just take a moment and just say one word that sums up how I feel about this book? *Pauses for dramatic effect* WOOOOOOW!

Storybook Pub has an AMAZING collection of sweet, sultry, suspenseful and action packed stories that had me captivated, charmed and engaged from beginning to end! Each author brought something special to the collection. The stories ranged from heart melting sweet, to sexy as hell and one heart stopping romantic suspense. I am impressed with this collection and I now have several new-to-me-authors that I just HAVE to follow. I am completely in love with Storybook Pub!


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