Monday, March 30, 2020

ARC Review - Between Dawn And Dusk: A Prequel Between Dawn And Dusk Book 1 by Jamie Schlosser!

Between Dawn and Dusk: A Prequel (Between Dawn and Dusk Book 1)


I’ve got a problem. A big muscly problem, with icy blue eyes, long dark hair, and tight leather pants.

Keryth is the Night Realm king. My father’s greatest enemy. And my fated mate.

It isn’t easy being a fae princess of the Day Realm. Our kingdom has suffered hardships, but if my father won’t approve of the mating bond with Keryth, they’ll be putting another body in a casket—mine. If we’re kept apart, we’ll both die. Not to be dramatic or anything. Destiny just doesn’t like to be denied, and our sanity will wither away if we don’t give in.

Too bad my father doesn’t care about that. His solution is to lock me away forever.

When Keryth comes to rescue me, I know we can take on anything as long as we’re together. But old rivalries die hard, and the past sins of our families come back to haunt us, affecting our future and the ones we love the most. 


I wasn't prepared at all for the awesomeness Jamie Schlosser bestowed on me with her prequel to her newest series featuring fae! Between Dawn and Dusk is an EXHILARATING  and SEXY PNR that awed and delighted and surprised me. 

The fae worlds are colorful and enchanting and the fae with all their different abilities and personalities left me speechless and on the edge of my seat! Keryth and Zella were sensational characters. Both were endearing and unique and I loved their bond! The heat level was set to SCORCHING HOT and their personalities balanced each other out beautifully. They were completely and heart-meltingly sigh worthy! This fae series has me CAPTIVATED and I can't freaking wait for The Fae King's Curse! 


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