Saturday, March 21, 2020

ARC Review - Her Tempting Protector: Navy SEAl Team (Night Storm Book 2) by Caitlyn O' Leary!

Her Tempting Protector: Navy SEAL Team (Night Storm Book 2)



Navy SEAL, Cullen Lyons, knew the moment he saw Dr. Carys Adams treating her patients in an African war zone that she was stubborn, selfless and extraordinary. Ignoring the danger surrounding her, she concentrated on keeping the young mother and newborn alive. Now it was Cullen’s job to evade the brutal rebel forces who had targeted Carys and the young family and get them to safety.


Carys knows that a three day journey to Khartoum could kill her patients, but staying in hiding would sign their death warrant. She had never met a man like Cullen Lyons, every instinct told her that she could trust him, that she had finally found someone she could lean on, but what if she was wrong? Was he really the hero he seemed to be?


Yet again, Caitlyn O'Leary brings us readers a story filled with intrigue, intense and edge-of-your-seat danger and a romance that WILL make the knees weak and the heart to melt like chocolate on hot pavement!  

Cullen and Carys made a great couple. They both had a passion to protect the people under their care. The mind bending action kept me on my toes and wanting to chew my nails while the heartfelt romance made me swoon happily. Caitlyn is one of my favorite romantic suspense authors. Her stories always grab my attention and keep me happy, edgy and there is always one amazing HEA. Her Tempting Protector is a well written story with a little bit of everything a reader could want. 

Her Tempting Protector gets a SATISFACTORY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! 

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  1. Love all Caitlyn's books and your review is just spot on.