Wednesday, November 1, 2017

ARC Review - Her Perfect Christmas Dragon by Starla Night in All He Wants For Christmas Boxset!

ALL HE WANTS FOR CHRISTMAS, a limited edition paranormal holiday bundle brings you a selection of new and exclusive stories guaranteed to make you blush every time you hear the words Happy Holidays.

A polar bear alpha falls in love with the dark unicorn sorceress he thought he killed in battle twenty years ago. A tiger shifter learns of the surprise he left behind with a curvy waitress…his fated mate. A dragoness fakes a mating with a bad boy to escape an arranged marriage, and discovers true love. These stories and many more are inside this steamy hot compilation.

Werewolves and bear shifters, Jack Frost (like you’ve never read him before) and fiery dragons, we have something for everyone. Each story is a must read fantasy action adventure, certain to keep you up long past your bedtime.

Ready to dive into 11 curated paranormal holiday novels and novellas? Download now because you deserve a bit of me time.

Don’t wait, this box set will only be here for a short time and then it is gone forever.


Starla Night brings sparkling Holiday cheer with Her Perfect Christmas Dragon in the fabulous boxset, All He Wants For Christmas! I absolutely treasure Miss Night's Dragons! Her story in this boxset had me happy, sighing with pleasure and brought all the joy and brightness to Christmas. It really is a PERFECT holiday story! These characters are wonderful, full of life and personality and I just ADORED Karmel. She is beautiful, cheerful, resilient, and knows what Christmas is all about and she shows Peridot exactly how to celebrate the holiday. The way Miss Night described the scenes and the feelings of these two really put a special...spin on the whole story. I couldn't resist it at all!

Her Perfect Christmas Dragon is just that...PERFECT! It is a wonderfully made sugar cookie and it was sexy and beautiful and cheerful and had sizzling HOT romance with a dragon shifter that was unforgettable. I can't wait to read it AGAIN!

This story easily gets a SCRUMPTIOUS FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I LOVED everything about this story and it will no doubt bring much cheer and joy to your Holidays! 

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