Friday, November 10, 2017

ARC Review - Leap of The Lion by Cherise Sinclair!


She shifts for the first time on the day of her escape.

After a decade of captivity, Darcy MacCormac escapes the corrupt, clandestine organization called the Scythe, leaving family and friends behind. She must find a way to rescue them. Discovered by other shifters, the brand-new cougar gets two mentors. Blademage Gawain is an easy-going blacksmith with a steel-hard core. His brother Owen is a deadly warrior. Grumpy. Rude. And he doesn’t like her.

They aren’t the mates she’d dreamed of—they’re more.

Powerful, dominating Owen protects the clan—especially the weak—and the only remnant of an abused childhood is his avoidance of females. Now he has to mentor one? Although Gawain soon falls for the dauntless little cat, Owen knows better than to lose his head. But Darcy has a gift for repairing everything…including damaged hearts.

Love isn’t in her destiny.

In the brothers’ arms, Darcy finds safety. Comfort. And love. But however much she longs for a future with Owen and Gawain, her people need her. Somehow, she must find the courage and skills to save them, even if the attempt demands her life.


This is my first PNR from Cherise Sinclair that I have read. I have read and LOVED every single BDSM romance she has written but I was always a bit leery to read PNR. So when I got the chance to read Leap of The Lion, I decided it was finally...TIME. And I was...COMPLETELY CAPTIVATED! Leap Of The Lion was just as sexy, edgy, and perfect as her BDSM romances. There is still plenty of Dominant/submissive tendencies in the book, but its on a more...animalistic type of level. I didn't think that would be so exciting but it was. 

This story had so much action and adventure with moments of utter compassion and AMAZINGLY HOT, SEXY, SWEATY scenes that I just ate right up! This is some seriously GREAT stuff here and I am SO glad I finally gave her PNR series a go, and now I am ALL about catching up on the ones I had missed. The characters here are just so AMAZING and BRILLIANT, STRONG, SASSY, and PERFECT. The plot kept me HIGHLY interested and I loved how everything came together. It was exciting and absolutely mind boggling GOOD!

Leap Of The Lion gets an IMPRESSIVE FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I am So disappointed that I waited so long to pick up this PNR series and now that I finally know how great it is, I plan on devouring the other books ASAP! 

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