Friday, November 10, 2017

Midnight of The Fae Release Day!



After discovering an odd little canine while exploring a cave, Caresse stumbles into a world where fae magic and shape shifters are commonplace. She even has her very own distractingly handsome faery bodyguard.
On notice that the queen will pick a bride for him if he won't cooperate with her plans to become a grandmother, Prince Sebastien wants nothing to do with any of the debutantes his mother keeps pushing at him.
Sebastien's fae cousin Leandre has a bombshell of a secret. Her name is Caresse, he's her faery bodyguard, and he loves her even though she's meant for Sebastien.
Caresse is unaware that she hasn't just stumbled into the mystical Southern Kingdom of Tangere, she's actually returned home.
A powerful bond develops between the three of them as she comes into her own unique powers, jeopardizing the plans of an old, malevolent enemy.

As Caresse spun to face the stranger who had somehow gained access to her room, her feet tangled up and she lost her balance. He leaped forward to catch her and she arched back with a squeak, right out the open window.
He threw out a hand in a motion too fast for human eyes to see and latched onto the wide neck of her chemise.
“Help!” she screamed as she looked up and saw the night sky above her.
“I’m trying,” he said as the thin fabric began to rip.
Bracing his legs against the windowsill, he whipped out the other arm and caught her by the waist as she wind-milled uselessly with her arms out in open air. “Stop moving please,” he added, his eyes widening in alarm when he looked down, but he didn’t let her go as he pulled her back into the room.
She was grateful at least that he didn’t seem inclined to see her fall to the cobblestones four stories below.
“Oh, that was close.”
When he cleared his throat, she realized she’d wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, forcing his face deep into her cleavage and had wound one of her legs around his hip. She made to let go, and he stopped her.
“It’s okay, just hold on to me.”
The handsome stranger breathed a relieved sigh when he had her back on her own two feet, and she promptly squeaked when the cool night air touched her bare breasts. She grabbed the skirt of her dress hanging nearby and draped it across her exposed chest.
She gave him the once-over, which didn’t help in catching her breath. He was worthy of being panted over. At least six feet four and buff, going by the way his wide chest and arms filled out his suit coat.
“You’re huge.”
He grinned, his lip curling in a smirk she shouldn’t have found endearing.
“Why thank you. You’re stupendously beautiful.”
“Shut up. I didn’t mean to say that out loud. Who are you, and what are you doing in my room? Are you lost?”
His cheeky grin and twinkling eyes were disarming as he straightened the wrinkles out of his coat sleeves and gave his white shirt cuffs a tug. Then he shocked her as he gave her a courtly bow with his arm out, not as a mock gesture but with formality. “I am your faery godfather.”
“My—what the fuck?” she squeaked through a constricted throat before clamping a hand over her mouth. “What did you say?”
“I’m your faery godfather.”


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