Wednesday, November 22, 2017

ARC Review - Traitor (Renegade Book 2) by Shannon Myers!


One box
Lives were lost and relationships destroyed because of that one box. I don't care what the cost is, I won't stop until I have answers. Even if it means declaring war on the detective who once had my heart. 

Every war has its casualties
I was just naive enough to believe that it wouldn't hit so close to home. There's so much blood on my hands, that I'm guilty by association at this point. I don't know how to keep Lauren safe without betraying the club, but I'm willing to die trying.

This book is NOT a standalone. It is the conclusion to Renegade.


AN EPIC, ANGSTY, EMOTIONAL, DANGEROUS, A HECK OF A ROLLER COASTER RIDE ROMANTIC SUSPENSE WITH DRAMA, HEART-ATTACK LIKE ACTION, AND ROMANCE! Traitor is the conclusion to Mike and Lauren's story and just when I think things couldn't get more emotional, Shannon Myers proves me wrong. This book had some MAJOR Angst and danger. I was ON THE EDGE OF A CLIFF WITH THIS ONE! From start to finish, this book had my emotions in a tangled web, and just when I think things will start to unravel, things get more twisted and  the secrets that are revealed left me STUNNED! 

Mike and Lauren both had some major bumps in the road. But when Lauren is in danger, Mike doesn't let her anger get him down, he proves again and again that he will be there to protect her even if she doesn't want him there or at least doesn't think she wants him there. But you can still feel the passion and love they have for each other simmering under the surface and when they do let it out, its rough and hot and just unforgettable. NO ONE brings drama and angst to a story like Shannon Myers, and Renegade and Traitor have both and SO MUCH MORE! I have waited for Mike's story for so long and I am BEYOND AMAZED with how his story comes out. And the ending has me WANTING...NO NEEDING THE NEXT BOOK LIKE RIGHT FREAKING NOW! 

Traitor gets a EDGY AND DARK AND SIZZLING HOT FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Bring the tissues and make sure to be prepared for a WILD, CRAZY RIDE like NO OTHER! 

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