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Dance Of The Dragon Sorceress Teaser and Exclusive Excerpts! Coming December 1st!


[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Fantasy Fairy Tales Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Basile and Rainger are sworn to defend and foster the baby dragons of the Eastern Kingdom. While searching for the heir to the dragon king's throne, they fall under the spell of a bewitching brunette. Desire takes a back seat to duty because they must find the baby dragon before it falls into the hands of the evil queen, Draconia.
Seeking shelter from a storm for herself and the odd little stray she picked up, Elaina takes refuge in the stronghold of the Knights of the Order of the Dragon. She's discovered sound asleep with the tiny dragon king curled up beside her, and mayhem ensues when the prince, the huntsman, and the seven knights learn firsthand she's not some damsel in distress.
When Draconia learns of the enchanting beauty that has stolen the hearts of the men whom she desires for herself, she sets a plan into motion that endangers Basile and Rainger's love for Elaina before it's barely begun. 



“Tell me, Elaina, are you very afraid of heights?” Basile snorted and answered for her. “Not at all! She is most entranced by the Falls of Innocentio. I was afraid she would take a dive from the painted dome and go swimming down below.” She chuckled and shrugged. “I doubt I’d ever do a swan dive through several hundred feet of space, but he’s right. Heights don’t bother me.” “You can turn into a swan?” Rouge inquired. Feeling a bit playful, she just chortled in reply and allowed them to think what they would. “Then a ride on a dragon would be nothing to you,” Indigo said with assurance in his tone. Basile chuckled quietly at the way her jaw dropped as she looked around. The large cavern had an opening at the other end that looked out onto the cloudy gray sky. Just then a shadow passed overhead. “I think he’s here. Look.” Elaina! a masculine voice suddenly said to her. Elaina stumbled and would’ve gone end over end if Basile and Rainger hadn’t caught her. She could hear them speaking to her, but she focused on the voice in her head. The tiny spark of their connection also flared to life. Is it you, Flappy? We’re coming to you right now. Are you okay? Are you still recovering? You must be exhausted from the journey. Selena said Draconia is coming— A deep chuckle rumbled across their connection. Yes, I know. But I want to hear all about you. Come outside. They reached the opening, and she recalled he’d told her once that there was a ledge jutting from the mountainside that was perfect for landing and taking off. Pausing so as not to be trampled under his feet, she looked out but didn’t see anything. From overhead, Lord Violet suddenly leaped down in front of them. “Welcome back, Lord Violet,” Basile said, sweeping the sky with his gaze and then smiling up at a spot behind her. “Welcome back, Your Highness!” She turned and nearly fell over, shouting in alarm at the massive beast clinging to the mountainside above the ledge. It tilted its head and then curled its lips upward, baring enormous fangs. Her knees buckled, and the absolutely gigantic dragon’s amber eyes widened in alarm when she hit the ground. Meemee, do not be frightened. It is me, your Flappy. He inched closer as the men helped her to stand on shaky legs. Heat emanated from the dragon as he slowly brought his head within arm’s reach and gripped the upper edge of the cavern opening with a scaly, majestic hand. He flexed his claws, and when she looked down, she spotted a slightly bedraggled flowered headband stretched around one claw.


“What witchery is this?” the man dressed in dark blue leather muttered. Diverting her attention to him, she realized he was digging in the pockets of her backpack.

“Hey! You’ll wish you hadn’t done that when I’m done with you, asshole. Stop!” she cried out in genuine alarm when he pulled her pink-rhinestone-encrusted pepper spray from the side pocket.
“I will not be ordered about by you,” the man growled. “It’s my possessions, my sacred space you befouled with your evil magic, you—” He depressed the button at the top and screamed like a sissy girl.
“I told you!” she shouted as her eyes began watering and she coughed. “Ack!”
The russet-haired man escorted her off to one side, wincing and eyes watering, observing her. With a crooked grin, he held out his elbow in a universal gesture of gentlemanly conduct. She took it, and he said, “You tried to stop him. Bleu is not known for his listening skills.”
The men near him doubled over and put their hands to their faces. And blue-leather-dude gagged before howling, “I’m blind! I can’t see!”
The others made similar claims, and as they moved away from the noxious cloud, she looked up at the man and said, “It’s pepper spray. It doesn’t do permanent damage, just stings like hell. It will disperse eventually, but it would help if they moved away from it until then.”
“Sent from the devil!” blue-leather-dude shouted as he rubbed his eyes and yowled in pain.
“Let them suffer for scaring you, at least a little bit,” he replied with a twinkle in his green eyes. “I am Rainger Galterrium. The one who grabbed you is Basile. He and I spotted you in the forest earlier. We thought you were a witch.”
“A witch?” “You were chanting. We didn’t realize you had a companion.” “Chanting? I was singing for Flappy.” “Flappy? Is that what you call him?” Amusement filled his tone. “Well, yes. We only just met in the cave.” “Cave? I know of no caves near here.”
“A fae enchantress,” the silver-haired man said before turning aside to cough.
“Well, there is because that’s how I got here, although I don’t know how to get back, and it closed up behind me…or something.” He drew back and looked at her. “A cave that closed up behind you? Have you ever met a woman named Selena? An enchantress?” “A what?” “Fae?” Elaina replied, turning to him so suddenly Flappy squeaked.
“Just Elaina White. It’s my last name. My family name.”
“Yes, Mistress. A fae. A rather devious fae if memory serves me correctly,” he added in a wry tone. “Cave portals are her specialty.” “Cave portals? That’s a thing?” “Of course, Mistress Elaina.” Elaina shook her head. “I’m just Elaina White, no title. And nope, I’d remember if I’d ever met a fae enchantress.” “Elaina the White. So you are a witch?” Rainger asked.
Flappy jerked his head and then murmured to her. “Nurk-nurk?’
“A family of white witches. This could be a good sign,” he replied to Rainger. “We could use all the help we can get.” “No. I’m not a witch. No woo-woo stuff.” Sheesh! Get it through your heads! “But the…” He pointed at the pepper spray canister. “That is a device for self-protection.” “I see. A witch who says she’s not a witch.” The silver-haired man bowed over her hand and then said, “I’m Lord Violet, the leader of this motley crew.”
“That was his bed I was using? Dang. I tidied the covers back up and everything, too. What’s his problem?”
“I don’t think he means that Motley Crüe, Flapster. Less head-banging and more ass-kicking would be my guess. And I’m really not a witch.” Rainger chuckled as he and Lord Violet drew her out of the chamber, leaving the others to recover, but not before she snagged her backpack and her pepper spray from blue-leather-dude who was in peril of pepper spraying himself again. “We will leave them to recover and for Bleu to repair the disarray you left his bed in.” “He’s very particular about his personal belongings,” Lord Violet said. “Wait. His name is Blue?”
“The what? What the—what? What the fuck? Dragon? That’s symbolic, right?” Even to her own ears her giggling sounded hysterical. This is some sort of breakdown. Did I eat mushrooms in the forest?
“Bleu,” Lord Violet enunciated, drawing out the ‘oo’. “And you’re Veeyolay—you’re Violet! Violet. What the heck?” “No, Violet,” he replied, looking askance at her American English pronunciation of his name. She flicked a thumb back toward the sleeping chamber. The other dude. He’s Blue.” “Bloo. Bloo. Oh, never mind. Yes. He is.” “This is awesome. But you’re Rainger. Why aren’t you named after a color?” Rainger stood looking at her as if she had two heads. “I am not a member of the Order of the Dragon.” “I think she’s trying to cast a spell,” Lord Violet muttered as he stared at her.
Flappy sneezed, and she said, “Oooh! You poor baby! I hope you’re not coming down with a cold, Flapster.”
“She sounds amused.” Rainger watched her closely. “At one point, she seemed like she was having some sort of fit back in the forest. Perhaps this is the same.” “Oh, how rude! I was showing Flappy how to bang his head.” Rainger nodded, remembering that expression. “Dancing! I was dancing! Gah! Doesn’t anyone here ever dance? Never mind. A bunch of guys named after Skittles colors, you’ve probably never heard of dancing.” “The abbey of the Order of the Dragon is certainly no place for frivolity, Mistress,” Lord Violet said, keeping his eyes on Flappy as the little guy stretched his neck out to look around. “He’s not coming down with a cold,” Rainger said as he watched Flappy rather carefully.
“We should’ve sat her down before telling her she’s bonded with a dragon.”
She waved a hand to clear the dust from the air as she hacked. “Ack! I think he must’ve gotten into some dust while I slept. It seems to make him sneeze.” “That’s not sneezing,” Violet said as his scarred eyebrow arched. “And that’s not dust,” Rainger added, a smile forming on his face as he sidled close to her. “It’s ash.” “Ash? There was no ash in the fireplace. I checked, and it was clean.” “It’s ash, because he’s a baby dragon.” “Huh? The fuck you say?” she asked in a perfectly reasonable tone. Well, what else could one say when faced with the impossible? Nothing intelligent, certainly. Turns out it was a good thing Rainger had sidled close. He caught her up under her knees just as the roaring in her ears overtook her other senses.
The last thing she heard was Flappy crying out, “Meemee!”




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