Friday, June 8, 2018

ARC Review - Dirty Cute by Frankie Love!


When Clementine walks into Mike’s auto shop he has plans to change her oil. 
She’s not just innocent and intelligent—she’s also dirty-cute.
And this single-dad mechanic is looking to do more than get under her hood—he wants a place in her heart—permanently.

Clementine’s not sticking around. She’s a student teacher, hoping for a full-time job. A job that can take her anywhere in the state.
When she realizes Mike’s daughter is in her class she has to hit the breaks. 
But Mike hasn’t waited this long to fall in love only to watch it drive away. 
Sometimes when you know, you know—and Mike will put the pedal to the metal to prove it!

This summer lovin’ novella is more than a tune up— it’ll make you fall in love all over again. This mechanic is dirty, cute, and knows how to use every tool in his shop! Get ready baby cakes, it’s time to rev your engine!


HOLY SMOKES DIRTY CUTE WAS EXTRAORDINARILY DIRTY, SEXY, AND SUPER CUTE! I FLOOOOVED Dirty Cute! I D-E-V-O-U-R-E-D this book in just a couple of VERY short hours because I did NOT in any way, shape, or form want to put this book down. It may have been short, but dang, it didn't lack in SCORCHING heat and playful banter with one delicious mechanic and a beautiful teacher who is looking for some hot loving. 

Clementine and Mike make an adorable couple. The chemistry these two let off could FEEL it with every encounter and I felt the air charge around me. I delighted in their romance and wanted to bask in it. This right here, is EXACTLY what I was looking for and needed.


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