Tuesday, June 19, 2018

ARC Review - Liam's Lily by Dale Mayer!


When former Navy SEAL Liam O'Brian joins Legendary Securities, he looks forward to being shipped somewhere exciting for his first mission with Levi and his crew. Instead, he learns exotic and enormous aren't exactly synonymous when he stumbles upon the oversized pachyderms inhabiting his new backyard. Still, conflicts are universal and Liam's troubles are only just beginning once he finds himself falling for a woman deeply rooted in her family's livelihood and problems.

Go-getter Lilianna Howell is a biologist who believes all problems can be reduced to minor ones if only they're nipped in the bud early enough. When her dad can no longer deal with the loss of his son and his detachment threatens the elephant reserve, Lilianna steps into a much larger role, handling the marketing and fundraising. Being close to her sister and her husband--once Lilianna's fiancé--forces her to struggle with distrust from that past experience and a growing attachment to a man who appears in her life like a dream come true. 

Mammoth issues escalate as Liam and Lilianna team up to save the gentle giants, their newfound love… and their own lives.


I LOVE these Heroes For Hire books! They give me a way to escape reality and take me on crazy, exciting adventure. And Liam's Lily takes me on a new one that I instantly got lost in and one that had my heart thumping madly inside my chest. It was thrilling and romantic with just the right twists and action that kept me on my toes! Liam and Lilianna are wonderful characters and just seemed to be made for each other. They reminded me of two perfect puzzle pieces that fit with ease.

The book was a really great read. I finished it in little over a day and I fell in love with the page-turning plot and the delectable romance and the heart of the story. It had plenty of suspense and action that added an extra beat to it that was just as appealing. Perfectly done!


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