Friday, June 29, 2018

ARC Review - The Sailor's Secret Baby by Frankie Love!


Sampson never wanted to settle down — that’s why he became a sailor.
Then he meets Sweetie, with her pouty pink lips and innocent body. 
For the first time in his life he’s ready to drop anchor.
But Sweetie’s burly brother’s won’t let their little sister be taken so easily.
Punches are thrown and lines are drawn in the sand—and Sampson is sent off to sea before anything can be set straight.
Sweetie is alone, longing for her sailor.
She needs him more than ever.
Especially now that she's carrying his child.

Dear Reader,
This patriotic story is sure to set off fireworks! Sampson is more than a sailor—he’s a hero worth fighting for! With a body like that, he can board my ship any day!
#ClimbMyMast #FullSteamAhead #AllHandsOnDeck #AnchorsAweigh #NiceBuoy 
xo, frankie 


INSTA-HOTNESS, DIRTY, SEXY SCENES AND A  SAILOR THAT COULD HAVE ME SWOONING FOR DAYS! I am HOOKED on Frankie Love's stories. And her latest HOTNESS had me so freaking hot and feeling all sorts of lust and had me biting my lip. Sampson and Sweetie were fabulous characters. Sampson was not only gorgeous but he was protective and caring and oh the dirty things he wanted to do to Sweetie had ME, the reader, all hot and squirmy! And Sweetie, for a virgin, this heroine surprised me in the BEST way with everything she wanted to experience.

I do love a good baby romance. Add in some DIRTY and SEXILICOUS sex and we get a combination that will make you want to explode with lust. The Sailor's Secret Baby was both delightfully a the sweetest of candy, and wickedly, sensually STEAMY. I. ADORED. IT. This is an absolute MUUUUUUST READ!

The Sailor's Secret Baby gets a STEAMY AND SEXY FIVE BOOMING STARS! 

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