Wednesday, October 3, 2018

ARC Review - Abducted by Samantha Keith!


In a high-stakes world of privilege, betrayal, and the sexy thrill of the unknown, you never know where a dangerous distraction will lead . . . 

Cal Hart walks a blurred line of honor. The rock-hard former Marine has his lethal skills at the service of the highest bidder. Until a contract comes in to kill Lana Vanderpoel, the sultry, charismatic heiress and billionaire’s daughter. She’s way too sexy to end up at the wrong end of a silencer. So Cal takes the job—and starts planning how to get Lana to safety while he unearths who’s behind the threat . . .

Lana only knows she’s been kidnapped—and she’ll fight tooth and nail against whoever has snatched her from her life. Her stern-faced captor sends a tremor of ice through her veins, yet a thrill lies beneath her unease. He’s dark and dangerous, his body ripped, honed, and capable. But lust isn’t the same as trust—and whether or not she can believe what Cal’s telling her, there’s at least one person close to Lana who wants her dead . . .

Dangerous Distractions 


The moment I read a sample of this book, I HAD to read it! It was heart pumping good! There was so much action, so much slow-burn romance and fabulous characters that made this one of the most enjoyable romantic suspense stories I have read recently. 

The idea of a sexy and dangerous hero kidnapping the heroine to save her I will admit, make me melt. And this one..the way Lana our heroine fights until she learns WHY she was kidnapped made it impossible not to like her. She is strong, beautiful, smart and feisty and our hero Cal is one drool worthy hero! I loved EVERY SINGLE THING about this book and enjoyed Samantha Keith's style of writing immensely! Its intoxicating and will have you falling in love with these Dangerous Distractions series!


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