Sunday, October 21, 2018

ARC Review - S.O.S. Sarge by LJ Vickery!


Serge Montverra, aka Sarge, knows he’s vital to the S.O.S. team. His OCD, which cues him in to the smallest detail in a crime scene, makes him invaluable. Too bad that hasn’t always been the case. In the past, his condition proved a detriment, forcing him to leave the love of his life behind in Louisiana. The hardest thing he’s ever done, his heart breaks every day for what might have been. Now she’s tracked him down. Should he play it cool, or be selfish and finally confess his love? He has no time to figure it out, as faction want to see her dead.
Brigid Fitzdunne, officer for a small town police force, is no stranger to strife. Growing up poor and losing the only man she ever loved has hardened her. But this…this crime against humanity she’s stumbled upon is beyond anything she can handle. When her partner goes missing, there’s only one man―as far as she’s concerned―she can trust. But after such a long time, will Serge help her, or turn her away? It’s time to find out…or forfeit her life.


I EFFING LOVE THESE S.O.S. HEROES! Protective, sexy, charming and caring, these guys are irresistible! 

Sarge was magnificent. He is so different than the other guys on his team. He is unique but not in a bad way. Oh no, his uniqueness made hiss story so much more special and amazing. I really REALLY liked Sarge. He is not only handsome but he is incredibly brilliant and brave. The way he is so determined and protective of Brigid made my knees weak and had the butterflies swarming in my heart. Brigid is a strong heroine. Bold, strong, beautiful the way she handles herself and her amazing personality, made me like her a whole lot. I really liked that Sarge and Brigid had a history together. You could feel the sparks snap between them and the love they still had for each other was there for all to see. There was plenty of edge-of-your-seat worthy action and plenty of sexy times too. LJ Vickery did a very good job with this newest S.O.S story. 


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