Sunday, November 18, 2018

ARC Review - Dragon VIP: Peridot by Starla Night!


Disgraced. Damaged. Dull. 
Dragon-shifter Peridot has been called all that and more. Exiled to Earth, he will prove himself and answer his boss's question: What is the mysterious "spirit" of Christmas? 
One enticing woman can give him that answer. The more time he spends with her, the more he wants to forget his past and taste her forbidden sweetness... 

Curvy. Klutzy. Cinnamon-scented. 
Karmel knows all about silent longing. She's the queen of falling -- on her face, usually, in front of the guy she most wants to impress. But when a little Christmas magic turns Peridot into her rescuer, she suddenly discovers the ice-cold business dragon conceals a hot-blooded male within. And he's ready to make her sugar plums dance the cha-cha. 
Except for one little thing... 
Can Karmel teach Peridot the true meaning of Christmas, or are they both about to get burned? 

Contains holiday spirits, cookie disasters, and mistletoe. Heat up the kitchen and unwrap this fun novella today!


This sweet, SWEET book will make your heart shine with a million sparkling Christmas lights and have you fantasizing about things that are out of this world!

Dragon VIP: Peridot is an addicting Christmas treat that will no doubt prepare and excite you for the holiday season! I fell in love with Karmel and Peridot from the first moment they met. And their romance is sweet, tasty and utterly beautiful. This is my all time favorite holiday read and I can't wait to read it again before Christmas. I love Starla Night's Dragons. They make me so happy and they are so adorable and yummy and oh so very sexy and they make me wish for my very own Dragon! If you love sweet and delicious holiday reads featuring some sexy dragons and their sassy heroines, this book is perfect for you!


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