Sunday, November 11, 2018

ARC Review - Tendril Hearts (Immortals #11) by LJ Vickery!


Dumuzi had been content for centuries, so why couldn’t things remain status quo? When all his buddies started finding their Chosen, their eternal mates, he couldn’t have been happier while determined to maintain his normal, low profile. But then the edict had come. They all had to find their other halves. Which was totally messed up. No way could he subject a woman to who he was, who he became. It would be a death sentence…for both of them. 
Veronica Foxey hadn’t been haunted by the voices since she moved from Boston, but now an emergency call from her daughter had her rushing back to the city which held only pain. Would the voices return after ten years? And if they did, would she be able to hang on to her sanity? 


There seemed to be so much delicious tension in this was addicting! I am OBSESSED with Tendril Hearts, I swear! I loved Dumuzi and Veronica and I admit, I got a small thrill over the fact that Dumuzi was, er, originally mistaken about who his Chosen was at first. The story is filled with tension, witty banter, sexy times, exciting things and plenty of surprises and twists. 

With every Immortal story Miss Vickery puts out, I feel like I am getting something new and different and completely unique with each story. Nothing is quite the same and I like knowing I will always get something new and fresh. Dumuzi was such a special hero too and Veronica she very likable. The story flows beautifully and there was lots of  nail-biting excitement and sizzling HOT romance and plenty of heart sprinkled in. I feel so much happiness when I am reading these Immortal stories. I get so excited and my heart jumps for joy when they hit my kindle. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Each and every time. 


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