Saturday, November 10, 2018

Netgalley ARC Review - Demon's Mercy (Dark Protector #9) by Rebecca Zanetti!


Mercy O’Malley hates killing people. So when she’s assigned to take out Vampire-Demon Logan Kyllwood, she lures him to a seedy bar in Scotland, then decides to kidnap him instead. How can she cold-bloodedly end all that heat, those green eyes, that ripped body?
Unfortunately for Mercy, attempted murder and kidnapping are just foreplay for the Kyllwood brothers. Logan may be the youngest of the bunch, but death and violence are already a way of life.  Now he’s ready to complete a painful, terrifying ritual to become one of the Seven, dedicated to protecting this world from the most dangerous evil it’s ever known. But first he has to deal with a blackmailing Fey, a ransom demand and his own pounding need for the last female he ever should have fallen for 


Oh how I laughed, sighed, swooned, and how I felt absolutely sizzled by Rebecca Zanetti's newest Dark Protector's novel! I can't even begin to tell you all how much I TREASURE the ever loving heck out of these books! And Logan...peeps, be prepared for this hotter than sin alpha because he will swoop in to your heart and make your knees weak and your heart race with arousal and have your blood heating up. And Mercy...good lord, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this heroine! She is a total surprise and a bad-arse not to mention she is full of spirit and sass and has more than a few tricks up her sleeve. She is my kind of heroine and I never giggled so much with the way she had Logan on his toes. She never gave up and you can't say she was good with being submissive. And Logan constantly kept showing his dominant side to her yet instead of being cowed by it, Mercy just notched up her chin more and showed him a thing or two. She led him on more than one merry chase and I ADORED it!

Demon's Mercy was one surprise after another. The story had loads of twists and unexpected thrills and  tons of heart thumping action. It was a never ending read of AMAZING and I definitely want the WHOLE world to know just how much I recommend this book. This series just gets better and better and I can't wait for more! Readers will LOOOOVE Logan and Mercy...I guarantee it!


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