Thursday, November 8, 2018

Stalking His Mate Release with Excerpt!

Stalking His Mate

League of Galize Shifters, Book 3

Dianna Love

Release Date: November 08, 2018

New York Times bestseller Dianna Love's Gallize shifters are back with an action packed adventure, a sexy love story and a twist no one saw coming. Having spent her life as a captive, Siofra escapes when her power surfaces to save her from an attack, which exposes her as a nonhuman. All she wants to do is find her brother who is also being hunted, then vanish to live free from shifters. That was the plan and it would have worked if a golden-eyed jaguar shifter hadn’t stepped between her and a dangerous jackal, throwing a major kink in her escape when she falls for the sexy protector. Rory didn’t choose to be a jaguar shifter and is determined to not mate even though he faces death from the Gallize mating curse if he doesn’t. The end may come sooner than he expects when his jaguar loses the ability to heal them, but that doesn’t prevent Rory from racing in to save a young woman from a vicious predator. The moment Siofra is in his arms and his power reaches out to hers, he struggles against the primal pull of the one woman he’s drawn to as a mate. Even if he didn’t feel the need to end his bloodline, she hates shifters. None of that will matter if Rory fails to stop the deadly Black River Pack from using Siofra in a grisly experiment when she’s caught in a trap.


He got that she wanted a break from questions, and that was fine. She’d answered a few. He’d learned from being a jaguar shifter that patience paid off when in pursuit, especially one as nervous and untrusting as this one.
She lifted her eyebrows as if to challenge him for not replying.
He swallowed a chuckle.
That she could be surrounded by monsters and hold her own was downright sexy. She might be nervous, but she had plenty of fight in her.
He explained, “During our first meeting, after you ran off, I got attacked by two jacked-up wolf shifters. One shredded my leg to the bone.”
She sat up and tiny lines formed at the bridge of her nose. “Were you shifted?”
“Yes. I won the fight, but my leg came out on the short end in that one.”
Easing back against the wall of the van as it bumped onto a smoother road and jostled them, Siofra said, “That was a day or two back.” She stopped as if trying to determine the day, then shook it off. “Have you shifted to heal?”
She seemed fairly clued in about shifters, which was another piece of her makeup that churned his curiosity. But he hadn’t planned to share as much as he had. He tried to make it sound standard, which was not the case.
Shrugging, he said, “I shifted, but this just happens to be a slow recovery.” Admitting that raised his dread at seeing the Guardian, because Rory’s leg had not healed any further. It would take only one look for the Guardian to make good on sending him to Wyoming or putting Rory into an unconscious stasis.
Thinking about injuries, Rory asked, “How’s the wound where that jackal cut you with his claw?”
Moving her hand to her stomach, she said, “Fine. Getting better.”
“Lie. I saw your midriff when you ran from the bounty hunters. Your skin had healed completely in minutes. Your bruises from where they hit you tonight are already fading, and your arm is almost healed where that wolf clawed you.”
She gave him a flat stare. “Why ask me when you know the answer?”
Yep, she was skittish and not ready to trust him, especially after that trick question. He admitted, “To see if you’d tell me the truth and find out if ... you’re a healer.”
She turned to stare at the electronics and files piled between them and the wall separating the cargo area from the driver. She wouldn’t look at him for a while.
He waited as patiently as Ferrell stalking dinner.
When she finally turned to face him again, she sounded despondent. “I told you I’m not a healer. I have no idea where this power came from, but it’s not safe.”
To her credit, she kept warning him about her power, but he hadn’t sensed any threat when they’d touched. Just the opposite.
He leaned forward, propping one hand on his knee and dropping his other one to gently squeeze the aching leg. “I don’t know that it’s dangerous to everyone. It didn’t harm me.” He debated on how much to say, but … he was in deep water with the Guardian, his jaguar could be dying and he was staring at the one person who might be able to help him.
His jaguar had calmed around her for some reason, too.
Rory might be making a mistake, but he took a leap of faith and told her, “In fact, your touch healed a wound I received during our first encounter.”
Her mouth fell open, an honest reaction. She snapped her lips closed and asked, “How ... I don’t ... how do you know my energy healed your wound?”
“If you’ll recall, you saw my shoulder get ripped open and I hadn’t shifted. When your fingers touched my damaged shoulder, I felt your power rush into me and start mending it. The minute you pulled away, my shoulder healing slowed, and it stopped completely the next day.”
Her eyes widened with surprise. “Really? What about now?”
He shrugged. “It’s getting there.”
 Talking to her about this went against every belief he had to never admit a weakness to anyone, but he’d carried his secrets for the longest time.
Where had that gotten him?

THE PATH NOT OFTEN TRAVELED Dianna started out life as a photorealistic artist and launched her first business at the age of seventeen out of necessity. She was living on her own and working two jobs so she started painting signs and murals every free minute she could find. It wasn’t long before she had a following that allowed her to give up three other jobs. Years later, while painting over a hundred feet in the air, she started making up stories to keep herself entertained during the long days. That’s when she penned her first novel, which won the prestigious Daphne Du Maurier and Golden Heart® awards prior to being published by a New York house. Dianna has written urban fantasy, romantic thrillers, young adult sci-fi/fantasy and a nonfiction (writing reference) books. Her Belador urban fantasy series continues in January 2017 with Dragon KING OF TREOIR and she’s also working on the HAMR Brotherhood, a new romantic suspense line of stories. When she’s not in her writing cave in Peachtree City, GA (near Atlanta), she’s down on the Gulf coast fishing or off on a motorcycle adventure on her BMW bike. Dianna loves to meet readers online and at live events. Be sure to step up and say hello when you see her out and about.

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