Tuesday, May 14, 2019

ARC Review - Corrupt Savior (Wages Of Sin Book 2) by Tara Leigh!


I am the monarch of Manhattan’s underworld.
A corrupt king, ruling a sinful empire. 

I wasn’t born to the crown.
Nevertheless, I wear it well.

Aislinn Granville is the Crown Jewel of my empire—my queen. 
To my enemies, she’s my Achilles heel—a perfect pawn. 

Without her, I am a wounded warrior. 
A ruthless, relentless beast.

There is nowhere she can be taken that I won’t find her.
No adversary I won’t crush to get her back.

Even if I have to burn this city to the ground. 


Give me a moment to just...take it all in with Corrupt Savior. Ok, I am ready! I was BLOWN THE EFF AWAY by this story! Intense, darkly sensual, edge of your seat action packed and completely engaging, this book was an explosion of AMAZING! 

Corrupt Savior is the second book of The Wages of Sin duet and it immediately picks up where book one ended. The story kept me on my toes and guessing and the many twists and sensual turns sure did keep me hot and bothered. I fell madly in love with Damon in book one, but I think I fell even more so in book 2. And Aislinn...oh this heroine is just THE BEST! She is incredible! Strong, fiesty, brave and impossible to dislike, the way she was so determined to save herself and get back to Damon was something extraordinary. This book was incredible. The story flowed brilliantly and I loved how everything panned out! This duet is a MUST READ AND A MUST OWN DUET! Its just THAT GOOD!

Corrupt Savior gets a MIND BLOWN FIVE AMAZING STARS!  

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