Thursday, May 23, 2019

ARC Review - Her Loving Hero (Black Dawn #8) by Caitlyn O'Leary!


Wyatt’s SEAL Team rescued Emily when she was held hostage in Saudi Arabia. He’s spent the last five months subtly courting her friendship, after she moved stateside to start a new life.

Emily struggles desperately not to let one horrifying night define who she is. Learning how to step away from the pain and panic is a battle every day, but she will never give into the darkness.

Emily’s family is still stationed in the Middle East, and things begin to heat up. She is determined to help them, especially when she finds out that her teenage sister is planning on going into the lion’s den to find out information on a terrorist plot. As the situation spirals out of control Emily turns to Wyatt for help.

As Wyatt gets things under control overseas, Emily thanks God for Wyatt’s strength, friendship and ability to protect her family. But now she realizes her feelings run deeper than friendship and she starts dreaming the impossible. Will she ever be strong and worthy enough for this man? Is it possible that he could be her loving hero?


Get ready for the ULTIMATE romantic, sweet, patient read yet from Caitlyn O'Leary! I LOOOOOOVED Wyatt y'all! He is patient, extremely caring, protective, gorgeous and super smart. He had my heart melting. And Emily...she is a special heroine who I absolutely adored! Beautiful, brave and strong she was the perfect match to Wyatt.

Wyatt and Emily made such a beautiful and inspirational couple. They brought fun and romance into the story along with some perfect tension. And if you like a great suspense with danger and action, you will also enjoy this book! There was the PERFECT mix of suspense and romance that was IMPOSSIBLE not to love. This is one of my favorite series and I can't wait to see what else Miss O'Leary will bring to us next! 


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