Thursday, May 9, 2019

ARC Review - Star-Crossed In The Outfield (An All About The Diamond Romance # 4) by Naomi Springthorp!


I love the game, but baseball players suck…I don’t know why I’m attracted to them. They’re not an option for me. He doesn’t listen. He’s a distraction that will hurt me. My goal is to get my dream job, not fall in love. 

Chase the ball. Chase your dream. That’s how I made it to the big leagues. Chase the girl had never crossed my mind. Chicks find me. I didn’t think Spring Training would be the place that made me change my ways. Then again, I’d never woke to find part of the team mascot costume in my bedroom or my body completely covered in hickeys with no clue of how it happened. I’ll do anything to be near her. She’s got me Star Crossed in the Outfield.


It feels like I have been waiting a life time for Chase's story. The moment this hit my kindle, I dug into it with gusto and devoured it! 

Chase's story was full of ups, downs and surprises. The romance bloomed hot and heavy and made me yearn once again, for my very own baseball player. It was fun, entertaining and loaded with goodness. I loved how put together this book was and how it seemed to flow so flawlessly. I liked Kristina and enjoyed the banter between her and Chase and loved watching the hot romance spark. It was such an engaging read and one I enjoyed immensely. 

Star-Crossed In The Outfield gets a STAR STUDDED FIVE HOT AND HEAVY STARS!

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