Saturday, May 4, 2019

ARC Review - Hardboiled Love by Allison Moss!


I don’t fool around with clients. That means Elsie is off-limits. But from the moment she walked into my office, I knew I’d be breaking all of my rules for her. I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine. 

Hard. Rough. Dangerous. That’s what people say about me, and I don’t deny a word of it. Being a private detective in Sutter City requires a serious level of grit. In my world, attachments can get you killed. I live by my own rules, and nothing gets in my way. 

…At least, until Elsie appears in my life, crashing over me like a storm and washing away everything else I thought was important. 

She’s everything I never knew I wanted. Pure temptation. Beautiful as sin. I learned what desire truly was the moment she melted me with those beautiful brown eyes. Now all I can think about is her. Her smell. Her touch. Her taste. The way her soft, delicate curves feel in my rough hands. I need her to be mine. 

Elsie is mixed up with some bad people. If they threaten her again, they’re going to find out exactly how dangerous I really am. I’ll fight off the whole underworld myself if I have to. 

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to keep her safe. 

Elsie is my woman. 

Now it’s time for me to claim her. 

If you’re looking for realism, you’ve got the wrong book! This is over-the-top, smutty insta-love of the purest kind. Some action, some adventure, but mostly just a growly, possessive alpha claiming his woman. Happy reading! Every book in the Sutter City series can be enjoyed as a standalone read. 

Safe. HEA. No cheating, no love triangles, no cliffhangers. 18+ 


A quick insta EVERYTHING romance that was sexy, had tons of suspense, action and sizzling HOT scenes that  made for a great read! 

Allison Moss's first book just goes to show that this author has talent and will write books that will get her a great following. I enjoyed Hardboiled Love and liked the characters and where this book took me. It was full of surprises and steam that I loved plus it was the perfect quick treat!


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