Thursday, May 23, 2019

ARC Review - Hardboiled Babymaker by Allison Moss!


Sophia thinks she’s missed her chance to start a family. I’m going to show her how wrong she is. I’ll put a baby in her, and she’s going to love every second of it. 

I never thought I would have kids, a wife, a family. It just isn’t something that registers for a guy like me with a rough life and a dangerous past. 

But that was before I met Sophia, and everything changed. 

Sophia is the kind of woman I never thought I could have. She’s beautiful, smart, caring— and absolutely irresistible to me. 

She’s given up on finding love and starting a family. She doesn’t think she’ll ever become a mother. 

I’m going to show her how deliciously wrong she is. 

By the time I’m done with Sophia, there’s not going to be even a tiny chance that she isn’t pregnant. 

I’ll put a baby in her, even if it means trying over and over again. 

Okay, this is a wild one! Absolutely ridiculous, insta-everything, I-want-you-to-have-my-babies-at-first-sight. Probably the most over-the-top thing I’ve ever written. Sweet, fun, and lots of babymaking with a super possessive alpha who will not be denied. Happy reading! As always, this book can be fully enjoyed as a standalone read. 

Safe. HEA. No cheating, no love triangles, no cliffhangers. 18+


Who is ready for more insta hotness? Allison Moss delivers another EXTREMELY satisfying, yummilicious romance with LOTS AND LOTS of WICKED HOT HEAT and a hero that will make you SWOON on the spot along with a heroine who is completely likable. 

Hardboiled Babymaker is a fast paced sweet read. I fell in hardboiled (snort) lust and love with this plot! It begs a reader to dive in and prepare to get hot and bothered. A very delectable read.

Hardboiled Babymaker gets a HOT AND YUMMY FIVE BOILING STARS! 

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