Thursday, September 20, 2018

ARC Review - Falling For Her Bad Boy Boss by Zee Monodee!


When ties that held you back become unbound, do you dare take another chance at love? 

Suddenly a widow … 
The perfect daughter, wife, mother, homemaker—the path every Indo-Mauritian woman is expected to take. Neha Kiran has followed the rules all her life, but now in her late thirties, she finally acknowledges something doesn’t feel right. Then, one day, her husband dies … and she is free. 

Suddenly into unknown territory … 
Success, fame, alcoholism—former New Zealand boxing champion Logan Warrington has known such highs and lows and managed to put them all behind him. Between past and future, the present exists only to be survived. Coming to work as the co-owner of an Internet TV station in Mauritius shouldn’t have changed a thing … until he meets Neha. 

Suddenly blow in the winds of change … 
Neha and Logan cannot deny the intense attraction sizzling between them. But being together feels like playing a dangerous yet thrilling game of Russian roulette. Emotions, desire, forbidden love, fear—surely, something this wrong cannot be right … 

Still, can a few moments of stolen magic lead to a commitment that will last a lifetime? 

If you enjoy stories of redemption and second chances with grown up characters, Bollywood drama, and an endearing and big and boisterous family, then you will love this tale where the middle sister in the Hemant household finds out that it is okay to finally give in to her heart one cold winter on the tropical island of Mauritius. 


A romance that is loaded with so much heart and searing heat along with laugh out loud comedy it can make you laugh, cry and squirm through the whole book! 

One of the things I enjoy most about these Island Girls stories is how well readers from, well all over, can relate so easily to these characters and their changes that goes on in their lives. Everything feels realistic and its so easy to fall for these stories. Falling For Her Bad Boy Boss was extra yummy. I loved these Neha and Logan. Their chemistry was so white hot, you could FEEL the heat right off the pages! Their was a lot of emotions running high with this book that kept me feeling on edge. It was also a lot of fun, seductive and the forbidden desire made things that much better and definitely hotter. I will have to say I am going to miss these Island Girls stories. 



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