Friday, September 21, 2018

ARC Review - Reluctantly Hellbound by Cassandra Lawson!


Every good witch craves a wicked adventure—an affair with a bad boy. The fact that I’ve always been an over-achiever is probably the reason I went after the king of the bad boys. Scratch that. Rainer Vigil isn’t their king. He’s a dictator who claimed the title in a brutal coup. Still, I had everything under control, or so 
I told myself at the time.

Rainer turned out to be more than I expected. He’s a fallen angel, and he lives in the demon realm—two facts I didn’t learn until after he’d bound his magic to mine. For three decades, I’ve avoided him, all the while pretending I don’t still dream about his touch. It’s over between us, or so I thought until Rainer showed up to help me out of a sticky situation.

Now, Rainer is determined to convince me we belong together, but I’m not about to fall for the arrogant fallen angel again. All I have to do is avoid being alone with him. It should be easy, right? After all, what’s he going to do? Drag me off to demon realm and threaten to keep me there until I promise to give him a chance?

Take my advice; never underestimate how far a desperate fallen angel will go to get what he wants.


I ADORE THE HELL OUT OF THESE SPELLS THAT BIND STORIES! Cassandra Lawson brings us a new book in her Spells That Bind series with Reluctantly Hellbound and what a wild, magical, crazy exciting ride it was!

This is Rainier and Evie's story. It was loaded with adventure, romance, EXTREME SEXY TIMES, danger, action and with all our favorite characters. I fell in love hard fast and easily with this book. Rainier is so gorgeous and bad in a VERY HOT AND GOOD WAY and Evie tries so hard to fight her attraction to him...the attraction she had for him for what seems like forever none the less. I liked how the different portals and familiars and worlds seem so descriptive. I could get a perfect picture in my head because everything was described so well. It was awesome and wholly magical! I LOVED EVERYTHING about this book!


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