Tuesday, September 11, 2018

ARC Review - North's Nikki by Dale Mayer!


In what circumstance wouldn’t a knight want to rescue a damsel in distress? A former SEAL working for Legendary Securities, North Dockter has found the very circumstance that challenges even his stalwart, chivalrous ways. Nikki Beckwith is a firecracker who butts heads with him at every turn, refusing to follow orders or listen to his experience unless doing so suits her.

When she discovers someone is smuggling drugs through her company’s warehouse and her life is threatened, Nikki flees to her aging grandfather’s home in England to lay low and regroup. He’s always been there for her, and, if ever she needed a bolthole to make changes in her life, it’s now. Maybe it’s time to return to the States…particularly after meeting North and realizing the attraction between them is more than she believed possible.

But Nikki soon realizes that no place is safe after her grandfather is attacked in his home. Even with her gorgeous guardian angel hovering close by, will she be too late to make all the changes she’s envisioned? 


Darn it, Dale Mayer DID IT AGAIN FOLKS! She delivered another glorious, adrenaline inducing, action packed, sizzling romantic suspense of the HIGHEST order!  North's Nikki is PERFECTION with wonderful characters, edgy suspense, heart pounding action and a romance that nearly brought me to my knees. These Heroes For Hire stories are so good and impossible not to enjoy and love.

I really liked spirited Nikki and all alpha to the core North. These two had sparks flying from the very moment they meet. And when Nikki gets all stubborn, it doesn't stoop North in the least from protecting her and falling for her. This story is all consuming and so effing good! 


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