Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Boy Toy Auction Blog Tour Stop with ARC Review!

BOY TOY AUCTION by C.A. Harms is LIVE on Amazon!

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What was meant to be a fun evening to benefit charity, suddenly became so much more…

They were both volunteered into attending the Boy Toy Auction.
One as a contestant. 
One as an attendee.

Emerson lost an internal battle the moment Nicholas stepped onto the stage. 

As soon as he started moving his hips to the rhythm of the music, she was captivated. Suddenly, the timid girl became a warrior as she fought to have the highest bid. 

There was no way she was leaving without him at her side. 

From the moment Nic saw her, Emerson became his focal point. 
The beautiful woman in the silver dress. 
The one that held his stare.
He needed her to win.
He needed her.

He’d make sure this was the best money she’d ever spend.
Or the worst…depends on how you look at it.

Because sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you want, life has a way of throwing you a curve ball that you aren’t prepared for…


A very entertaining, fun, playful, flirty SEXILICIOUS read from author C.A. Harms! Boy Toy Auction was such a sizzling, seductive read that was downright fun with some great characters and a storyline that made me instantly smile and perked me right up.

This romance made me sigh BIG TIME! It was so delicious and a hell of a good time read. I laughed and squirmed and got into it right from the beginning to the very end. The banter was witty and crackling with the tension while the plot was perfect and the pace was set just right. Not too slow, and not to fast. I didn't feel like anything could of been better nor did I feel overwhelmed. It was just a pleasurable read that I thoroughly enjoyed!


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C.A. Harms is an avid romance and mystery reader. She's always had a love for books, getting lost in writing and storytelling even as a young girl. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. 

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. She holds an addiction for Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha’s and KitKat when she should really be focusing on water and maybe a fruit or two to make herself feel less guilty, but that feeling quickly passes...thankfully. 

She is easy going, fun, and although she may seem like one of the quiet ones at first, you just wait until she gets to know you better...that quietness changes, fast.

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