Friday, September 21, 2018

ARC Review - Surrendering To The Sea Lord (Lords Of Atlantis 4) by Starla Night!


She is beautiful, kind, perfect. I must tell her. But the words do not come.
Warrior Uvim has always performed his duty silently. He awaited the day when the tyrants fell and the mer were free. Now that day is here, and he is more constrained than ever.
Before him is his bride, Milly. Tender and sweet, lush and pure-hearted. Sister of a queen.
And, according to the old traditions, never to be his.

Milly fell hard for the amethyst warrior with the haunted gaze. His kisses steal her nightmares and his bulging arms make her feel safe. She’s survived her hard past and come home.
Or has she?
Their forbidden love signals a sea change in the war for the mer. A dark enemy lurks close and the friends they rely on will change alliances to keep Milly and Uvim apart.

Surrendering to the Sea Lord contains steamy mer love scenes, an all-new giant octopus, and a triple wedding! Plus two bonus stories: Her Warrior’s Kiss and Her Warrior’s Vow. Series fans and new readers alike will love this entry.
Take a deep breath and dive in to the Lords of Atlantis!


Surrendering To The Sea Lord is STUNNING AND MAGICAL AND UTTERLY ENCHANTING! It's like being in space, surrounded by millions and millions of bright twinkling stars....its breathtaking and gave me ALL the warm fuzzies!

Each of these Lords of Atlantis stories are uniquely written and beautiful and will leave readers in awe. And Surrendering To The Sea Lord could very well be one of the most magical and special one of all! Milly and Uvim's romance just reaches inside the heart and gives gentle, inspiring squeezes, making it nearly IMPOSSIBLE not to love it! Add in a lovable octopus and you have something extra special. And lets not forget the extra little surprises at the end fans will get all gooey over. Its unforgettable! A MUST READ AGAIN AND AGAIN!


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