Sunday, September 30, 2018

ARC Review - Spin The Bottle by Anne Conley!


Zane has his sights set on the odd little woman with her funny rules. When their first kiss doesn’t end well, he can't understand why she won't give him a second chance. Now he’s seriously determined to make her see they can be explosive together. 

Lettie has always believed a kiss will determine how the relationship will go. Her disastrous lip-lock with Zane is a strong indication she's not moving forward with him. He won't take no for an answer, though, and does the sweetest things to change her mind, including opening his home to over fifty animals while she cleans up the smoke damage at the local shelter. 

Sparks fly as Lettie does her level best to extinguish their attraction to one another. At the same time, Zane is doing all he can to fan those sparks into flames. 


A FLAMING HOT STORY WITH AN EXCEPTIONAL HERO AND A HEROINE I LIKED EVER SO MUCH! These Playing With Fire stories are SO EFFING ENTERTAINING. And I LOVED Spin The Bottle. Zane is hottie but I honestly expected him, with his arrogance to be a little self centered. Heck, that is the impression I basically had of him from the previous books, but my goodness, what a surprise he turned out to be. When Lettie doesn't give in to him right away, I found myself enamored with the way Zane starts to slowly seduce Lettie, getting under her skin in such an appealing way I couldn't help but to end up loving Zane. And Lettie...she is spectacular! She is so bright, bold, beautiful, smart and she is exactly what Zane needs. Fireworks definitely exploded between these two and I sure as heck enjoyed the sparks!

This romance is perfect. The story is flawless and there were even a few surprises that I thoroughly enjoyed. This is one romantic, fun and entertaining romp I HIGHLY recommend to ALL my reader friends! Anne Conley doesn't mess around when it comes to entertaining romances.


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