Friday, December 22, 2017

ARC Review - Devoted To Wicked by Shayla Black!


A one-night stand…or something more? Karis isn't sure until a thief strands her in Mexico, leaving her in need of a passport photo—and a hero—and giving Cage a second chance to win her love. 

This book is a cross-over between both the Wicked Lovers and Devoted Lovers series.


Devoted To Wicked is a second chance romance that is steamy, sexy, and irresistible! This cross over story had me needing new panties and constantly on the edge of my seat. Karis and Cage were once in love. After a misunderstanding between them, they had went there separate ways. But when Karis's Passport gets stolen, Cage gets his second chance to prove that they belong together, after all with the kind of passion that sizzles between them and the way they seem to just be drawn to each other, its no wonder love isn't far behind.

I have loved every single story Shayla Black has written. But this novella was SMOKING HOT, THRILLING AND FAST PACED EXCITEMENT!  The passion is there from the moment Karis opens the door to her hotel room with Cage standing there. I can feel the heat coming off the pages with every close encounter between them. I loved the red hot seduction, the moan-inducing sex and the heart-pounding action. Miss Black gets better and better with each new story. And this novella is RIVETING!

Devoted To Wicked gets a SMOKING HOT HOT HOT FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its breathtaking and a hell of a second chance romance! 

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