Thursday, December 14, 2017

ARC Review - Jayce Ventura Ghost Detective by Serena Akeroyd!


It says a lot about a person when their best friend is a ghost. 
Jayce Ventura, ghost detective, has nothing but the deceased as friends. With no love life, no social life, and only Ben and Jerry who'll put up with her, something's gotta give. But what? 
When Drake Edwin comes to her for help in finding closure with his nephew's death, Jayce is dragged out of her apathy and into the weird and wonderful world of emotion. 
Only trouble is, Drake's nephew didn't OD, he was murdered, and Jayce is the only one who can make good this situation. 
Mixing work and pleasure is never the best idea, but when you throw murder into the scenario, it gets a thousand times worse. 
Only a helping hand from the other side will get this duo together, but even ghosts can be bitter. Will Drake and Jayce ever make it? Or were they broken before they managed to meet...? 

Jayce Ventura - Ghost Detective is a Stand-Alone, No Cliff-Hanger novella, however, it does lead on to another book in the series, with characters you will meet in the upcoming novels. 

This book is a sweet, paranormal romance with a kickass heroine who isn't afraid to swear, eat too much ice cream, or come face to face with things that go bump in the night. What does freak her out is LOVE. 

Watch out for more of the raunchy romance you've come to expect from Serena Akeroyd's books in the upcoming series. 

This book was originally published in 'THEIR DARK PASSIONS - SINFUL SUPERNATURALS.'


A fun, light, adorable, entertaining read with lovable characters and witty banter along with some fabulous themes. This story itself is unique and charming. Its a good way. It made me smile and was just a lot of fun to read.

Jayce is a definite sassy heroine. She is strong, feisty, knows how to eat and can kick major butt! The romance is a lot lighter but it...fits the story. Drake is seeking closure from his nephew's death and as he and Jayce work together to get it, romance springs forth and a lot of action and entertaining times ensue right along with the adorable romance! I very much liked this!

Jayce Ventura Ghost Detective gets a UNIQUE AND QUIRKY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its not your average paranormal romance that's for sure and that is what makes it work!

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