Monday, December 11, 2017

ARC Review - Mated To The Grizzly by PA Vachon!


Ian Jones is a shifter bounty hunter trying to infiltrate a rogue group of shifters who can't seem to stop breaking the law. When he meets his fated mate Lauren he will have to make a heart-wrenching decision; should he go or should he stay with the one fated just for him? 
Fast paced, heart stopping action and a love for the ages are all contained in this wonderful story reminiscent of TS Joyce and Moxie North. 


PA Vachon's debut novel is a paranormal treasure! Great characters, plenty of action that will keep your heart rate up and sizzling hot heat, this book was perfectly paced and I really liked Ian and Lauren. 

Mated To The Grizzly is the kind of shifter romance that I enjoy. There is a fated mate to each shifter and the way Ian feels for Lauren had my heart beating triple time! This is a sexy, passionate, entertaining read and I am already looking forward to the next one in this series. Well done indeed!

Mated To The Grizzly gets a HEART THUMPING FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Its a fast paced romance that will leave you craving more.

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