Monday, December 11, 2017

Netgalley ARC Review - Stay With Me by Cynthia Eden!


Shelly Hampton intends to spend the holidays alone in her family’s mountain cabin, but when a snow-covered stranger appears on her door-step, her plans are shot straight to hell. The man before her seems oddly familiar, and he stirs a dark need within her. 

It’s soon apparent that John Smith is far more than a normal man—he’s too strong, too fast, and she could swear that he seems to read her thoughts…and know her most secret desires. 

But is John a man that she could love…or is he someone she should fear? Because even as the snow fall deepens, a deadly threat is closing in on her little cabin. And soon, Shelly will be trapped on the mountain with a dangerous man…a man who swears that he has come back from the dead, just to be with her. 

STAY WITH ME…A “Lazarus Rising” Novella 

Author's Note: All of the books in the Lazarus Rising series are stand-alone titles. 


I. Loved. John. Smith. This is the most passionate, endearing, most swoon worthy story in Cynthia Eden's OUTSTANDING Lazarus Rising series. The way the story starts had me instantly on alert. I loved how John Smith was so determined to protect and care for Shelly. The way he remembered her when none of the other Lazarus subjects could remember anything from their lives really intrigued me. I could tell right away that John Smith was different and unique, sexy, caring, and just more everything! Shelley might of been skeptical about him at first, but he not only proved himself in my eyes, but in hers right away, and the passion and chemistry crackling between them had me all warm and fuzzy inside and out!

The one thing I love about these Lazarus books, is how these super soldiers can care...even with having most of their emotions shut off. It is fascinating and edgy and perfect for this world that Miss Eden has created with this amazing series. We get passion, and mind blowing action and swoon worthy romance that can steal your breath and melt your heart. Its hot and engulfing in the BEST way! I think Stay With Me is my NEW favorite in this series for sure. I just ADORED John Smith SO much!

Stay With Me gets an INCREDIBLY WRITTEN FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its a great fit for the holidays and will be sure to keep you on your toes.

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