Friday, June 9, 2017

ARC Review - Marked By Love (A Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance: Taurus) by Rosalie Redd!


Zodiac Shifters Paranormal Romance, 10: Marked by Love: Taurus

A male from her past…forever marked by love.

Rogue Panthera shifter Aramond scouts for enemies on the outskirts of the Keep’s territory, home to his daughter and her mate. While on the prowl he encounters a female from his past, one who etched an unstoppable ache deep in his soul. As she opens old wounds and another rogue male enters her life, Aramond must overcome his fears and set aside both their pasts if he is to win her heart.

Danae runs a safe house, offering sanctuary to Panthera warriors in need. She tends their wounds, offers up a good meal and a place to rest, but keeps them at arms-length to protect her battered spirit still healing after the death of her mate. When Aramond, the sexy loner who’d captured her heart long ago resurfaces in her life, it will take all her will-power not to give in to the burning desire he ignites in her soul. 


Marked By Love happens to be the first book I have read by Rosalie Redd. She happens to be a "new to me" author and I all I have to say is...WHY HAVEN'T I READ HER BOOKS BEFORE! Even though Marked By Love is a novella in the Zodiac Shifters series, I am immensely  impressed and DEVOURED this novella in such an AMAZINGLY short amount of time because I got completely lost in the story! 

This particular paranormal romance was beyond satisfying and sexy, magical, AMAZING, and an absolute well told story with such fantastic characters and a seriously fantastic plot! Danae and Aramond are wonderful characters and as a couple..THEY SIZZLED on the pages. I enjoyed the action, the passion, the lip-biting romance. Even the enemies and the descriptions of everything in between was intriguing. I could get a clear picture of the places, the pantera, the Gossum...everything and I was downright in AWE of it. It was no wonder I lost track of time and just got sucked in. I am HOOKED on Miss Redd's writing now and want to get my hands on all her previous books because she KNOWS how to weave a hell of a great story!

Marked By Love gets a SINFULLY AMAZING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Once you pick this up, you will see why I am mooning over it and will DEMAND more books. An absolute stunner!

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