Monday, May 2, 2016

ARC Review - Her Daring SEAL (Midnight Delta 4) by Caitlyn O'Leary


Rylie Jones is on a desperate quest to single-handedly take down a human trafficking ring. At last, she knows she’s close to accomplishing her goal when her younger siblings discover her secret double life, and all hell breaks loose. 

Darius “Dare” Stanton has been trying to find Rylie since he had first met her six months ago. Worried she’s already claimed a piece of his heart, he’s now worried she’s in over her head. When he finally finds her, he’s going to make sure that Rylie is protected. 

After one of Rylie’s younger brothers figures out a way to contact Dare’s Navy SEAL Team there’s only one option…Rylie and Dare will have to go undercover as lovers. Surrounded by spies and ruthless killers, they have to protect the captive women they find and manage to survive as their passion blazes out of control. 


Her Daring SEAL is lip bitingly good! This book features Dare (Darius) Stanton and the woman he is determined to protect and love, Rylie Jones. This is the fourth book in the Midnight Delta Series and is filled with incredible heart-pounding suspense, and sweet, loving romance. I enjoyed seeing these two go undercover together. They make an incredible team and both know how to play cool, collected players in a dangerous game to save women from human traffickers. 

This story was incredible! Not only is there not a dull moment, but there was so much going on, including Rylie and Dare falling in love, while in an undercover operation that could get them killed, all because Rylie is a phenomenal woman. Dare was perfect for her. Sweet, surprisingly playful even during this operation, and so damn determined to prove to Rylie, she deserves love. Even though there was so much action and suspense and danger going on around them, they manage to have sweet, loving, passionate moments that took my breath away and had me sighing. I just freaking LOVE THIS SERIES!

This is one of my favorite series and Caitlyn O' Leary knows how to write a story with passion, sweet, sexy romance, and the most incredible thrill inducing action imaginable. I easily give this story a NAIL-BITING, SIGH-WORTHY FOUR SHOOTING STARS! I don't think I will ever get sick of this series. I am EVER SO EAGER for the next book and am dying to know how this series will continue. AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE BOOK!   

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